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Afghanistan Marble

Afghanistan has an abundant supply of some of the most beautiful and durable marbles in the world. Afghanistan’s chesht marble have been favorably compared to Carrara Marble, an Italian marble that is considered to be one of the finest in the world. Afghan marble is very fine grain had micro hardness and can be applied in the load bearing areas and sharp corners. This marble is uniform in texture and color and has good polishing characteristics make it suitable as dimension stone marble.

This natural stone is suitable for Sculpture, internal use: floor, wall, vanity Tops and stair covering in both private housing and in public Buildings with moderate and intensive collective use.
The stone Material and the stone finish should be selected to suit the area it is being applied to

Honed, Polished

Different size of Block

For flooring it is advisable to use a dry micro fiber mop where Possible, this will reduce the risk of scratching. When wet washing always use an acid-free product! Allow the Floor to dry thoroughly during the first 3 to 6 months. During This period it is important to use only a small amount of water To mop the floor and allow the surplus moisture to evaporate From the tiles; also use a product that does not seal the pores of The stone (e.g. Lithofin MN Easy Care Cleaner). This product is Always added to the wash water and can be used for future Regular cleaning.

When the finished surface is completely dry, sensitive areas can be protected with a suitable sealer.

Technical Specification
Toughness (Mohs) 3.50
Water absorption, % by weight 0.07-0.13
Water absorption in boiling water ask (%) 0.50
Density (Bulk specific gravity) kg/m3 2716-2736
Modulus of rupture (MPa) 16.79-19.80
Compressive Strength, (MPa) 113.65-139.10

Mineralogical Composition (Weight %)
Unit Weight = A (g/cm) 2.70
Specific Gravity= O (g/cm) 2.70
Occupancy Rate K (%) 98.60
Porosity P (%) 1.18-1.40

Chemical Analysis (Weight %)
CaO : 21
MgO : -
SiO2 : 0.03
Fe2O3: -
Element: 0.50-0.70
Losses of organic parts in fire (CO2): 46.82